Pomade - 50ml


  • Product Description

      The King of high shine and ultimate hold

      Cleverly developed to give a high shine finish with unrivalled all-day hold, the Pomade is perfect for sharp, classic looks like Side Parts and Slick backs.

      Our exclusive water soluble, humidity-resistant formula provides outstanding frizz-free definition for a look that is always on the money.

      FINISH: Shine

      HOLD: Strong without stiffness or stickiness

      BEST FOR: All hair types. Best for sharp, classic looks

      FRAGRANCE: Rich Sandalwood and Amber fragrance infused with fresh orange and Bergamot

      SIZE: 50ml tin

      HOW TO USE:  Take required amount from tin and rub hands together to soften and warm. Style hair as required


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
First Ever Pomade

As a first time buyer, I was extremely impressed by this pomade. Easily pliable, has a nice subtle scent, and the shine and hold lasts all day. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.


The pomade is one of the best I’ve found. Good hold good shine. Great price.

First time buyer, not disappointed

This was the first time I had ever tried using a Pomade and I’m now wondering why it took me so long!

This product is perfect for the style I use it for and works wonderfully with the Matte Clay that I use as a pre-styler, allowing for maximum hold but simple adjustments should I need to do anything to my hair.

Would 1000% recommend this product to anybody!

A little goes a long way, great for flatter, classic styles than new-age volume.

I have bought lots of hair products over the years. I am constantly buying stuff of instagram/amazon/anything that has a half decent review to give it a go. I have thick, poker straight caucasian hair and use good shampoos and conditioners daily. My hair is neither dry nor greasy but prone to getting oily and limp very quickly if using the wrong products. The top of my hair is past my nose and the sides I keep short. With that in mind....

I really dig this product. I work in hospitality, and anybody else that works in the industry knows how frustrating pushing your hair out of your face every thirty seconds can be.

This product is good...but not your every day go to.

If you want a slick back for a night out, or maybe a classic pompadour for a formal do then this is the product for you. As mentioned above, I have hair that is prone to getting quite greasy quite quickly and unfortunately it took me a few goes of trial and error to get this one right. It struggled (possibly with the thickness/weight) of my hair to have any high hold (even when aided with a prestyle spray and/or powders), but that being said if i didnt want volume and I wanted just straight up slick lines and classic barbering texture then it did perform. Not my favourite of the three products I have tried (this, the clay and the shaper) but it wasn't a total write off.

The trick to get the most out of this product is to use very sparingly and build it up, rather than go in with your normal amount straight away and you'll be looking dapper in your two piece for the night.

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